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Social Media Evolution: a History and a Forcast

Social Media is something you might allude to as like a living organism.  It had a beginning, and it has developed, but will it have an ‘end’?  I’m going to look at my history in relation to social media to examine my perception of what social media is and then try to speculate on what […]

Social Media Continues to Smile on Obama

I voted for Romney, but I will not begrudge giving Obama and those involved in his campaign props for their very successful use of social media. I am not going to say social media won Obama the election, but I do believe it gave him a bit of an advantage when it comes to having […]

Doing it Dutch: Social Media

This is a link to the presentation I made on Prezi for my research project. It is an accompanying presentation for the previous post, “International Social Media: a Dutch Case Study”.

International Social Media: a Dutch Case Study

OVERVIEW ON THE NETHERLANDS The Netherlands is roughly the size of ½ of South Carolina with a population of 16.6 million according to the U.S. State Department.  Its largest city and capital is Amsterdam, which has a population of over 750,000.  Their government includes a constitutional monarch, prime minister, and a parliament.  The country has […]

Social Media case study: Bluebird Arthouse

I have chosen to evaluate Bluebird Arthouse, a art supply store in the Delano district which is owned and operated by a recent Master’s graduate of Wichita State, Emily Brookover. Facebook Twitter YouTube Berty’s fan page Bluebird Arthouse is active in social media by having a Facebook page as well as a Twitter account.  Their […]

Evolution of the Information Age

The following post is concerning a presentation given by Richard Edelman, CEO, Edelman Worldwide, “When All Media is Social: Navigating the Future of Communications” Transcription of the presentation can be found here. An accompanying PDF slideshow for the presentation can be found here. Edelman’s presentation on the continued evolution of communication, to me, offers a lot […]